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Pine River

Snack Favorites - An everyday assortment of over twenty luscious chocolates, fresh snacks, and sweet treats.

Greeting Spring - An unbeatable selection of nineteen festive candies, snacks, and cheeses for the spring season.

All Items $5.00 Retail



Heritage Candles

Canning Jar & Silver Scents Candles

Value priced at $12.00 - $15.00

Country Garden

Pine River's Finest collection of spreads and sausages. Contains quality items, including special gift packs, combo packs, as well as our traditional stoneware crock.


All Brochure Programs are Available with Pack to the Piece Services.

Allow 3 weeks from the time order is placed for delivery of product.
* All orders must be prepaid before shipping
  * Order One Catalog per Participant

Toll free 1-800-252-6307 P.O. Box 9220 Fall River, MA 02720